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DJen is a
Miami-based web3

DJ and producer

As the world's first cryptocurrency-focused EDM DJ, DJEN is pioneering a new era of music and finance. By combining the excitement of EDM with the innovation of blockchain technology, DJEN brings a fresh and unique experience to the world of electronic dance music.

As a rising star in the EDM scene, DJEN's dynamic performances and cutting-edge sound have captured the attention of fans and industry insiders alike. Whether she's playing at high-energy festivals or intimate club events, DJEN's passion for music and technology shines through in every set.

But DJEN isn't just a talented DJ – she's also a passionate advocate for the potential of cryptocurrency. By incorporating blockchain-based payment systems into her shows and collaborations, DJEN is helping to promote the use of digital currencies in the music industry and beyond.


With her unique blend of skills and expertise, DJEN is poised to become a leader in the rapidly-evolving world of electronic dance music and cryptocurrency. Join the movement and experience the future of music and finance with DJEN.


All DJen's NFT holders will have access to VIP/backstage to all the events where DJen will

be performing for the next two years (valid until January 17th, 2025)

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