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DJen is a
Miami-based web3

DJ and producer





As the first cryptocurrency-focused house music DJ, she pioneers a new era of music and immersive experiences, fusing the energy of electronic dance beats with the limitless possibilities of the virtual world. DJEN has graced the stage alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. Sharing the spotlight with luminaries like Duke Dumont, RL Grime, Mala, Less Foss, Madeon, and Morgan Page, among others, has solidified her place as a rising star in the electronic dance music scene.

With a magnetic presence on the rise in the house music scene, DJEN's electrifying performances and cutting-edge sound have garnered adoration from fans and industry insiders alike. Whether headlining mind-blowing festivals or curating intimate metaverse club events, DJEN's passion for music and technology transcends boundaries in each mesmerizing set. 


All DJen's NFT holders will have access to VIP/backstage to all the events where DJen will

be performing for the next two years (valid until January 17th, 2025)

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